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Stomach versus conscience: John's malfunction.

The odd part of the current visit is that we have an old problem show up. On the one hand, we have Marian being set in her way and thinking that the best way to spend free time is to head into the kitchen to whip up some treats for the menfolk because that's pretty much how she was raised. She likes doing it because, despite what her daughter might say about the issue, no one is holding a gun to her head or chaining her to the stove or taking away her freedom and dignity. She sees herself as a damned good cook and letting that talent go to waste sitting around running her mouth or sightseeing seems wrong.

On the other hand, we have Elly who legitimately does see her mother as being a victim of the male system being cheated out of the good life catering to unappreciative clods (like John) who subscribe to the Viking philosophy "praise no wife until she's burned" and wants to free her from the oppressive burden of catering to slug-like males who don't seem to notice how exhausted their wives are or especially care.

The reason that I mention this is that Elly doesn't quite manage to realize that while John's brain might allow as how he's an ogre trying to keep her down and that's not right or fair, his stomach, his need to shove down crap without having to work for it, that's always going to win out. He doesn't do a Hell of a lot of thinking because he's basically a fat gut with a dentist attached to it.
Tags: john - grinning weirdo

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