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Lynn versus the wedding machine.

As we know, Lynn seems to be rather overweeningly proud of regarding a wedding ceremony as simply another great big party and going out of her way to pretty much elope. The ideal, perfect wedding in her mind is what Deanna referred to as the wedding for heart in which only she, Mike, the minister and the Mayeses bore witness to their commitment. The wedding for family and show that they threw as a sop to someone whose opinion should not have mattered worth a photon in a solar wind was seen as a gaudy, vulgar display meant to placate an annoying interference who wanted to marginalize Deanna for the sake of her own vanity and also in order to deny the reality that her dockside wedding to Wilf meant more because fewer irrelevant people who weren't getting married, MOTHER, were around to distract from the centrality of the bride.

Why this might be is something that we've often speculated about but the current arc and Deanna's public wedding hint at the problem. Given that we're to congratulate the Pattersons for saving Georgia from a decorated car and given that the dress Mira wanted Deanna to wear seemed to be designed with the audience in mind first and Deanna never and given that Lynn fears and hates toasting the bride, we can safely draw a conclusion. Said conclusion is that it seems highly likely that Lynn sees most wedding customs as being intentionally designed to humiliate and debase the bride as a means of reinforcing her status as an inferior. Toasting the bride is in Lynn's eyes a means of reminding her that she's dirt under men's heels, filling the car with newspaper is a means of robbing her of her dignity, letting the mother plan things means that the bride is simply property to be traded and so on and so forth. Every little touch most people see as being romantic seems to look to the artist like part of a plot to destroy the bride's reputation in order to keep her chained to the stove or some such prattle.
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