dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Living in the now and other stupid ideas......

On this, the first day of 2008, we find ourselves with a new year filled with both good things and bad waiting for us to experience. We do so, generally, on a firmer footing than the Pattersons. The reason is simple; they only ever want to live in the present. As I've said before, they aren't at all good at anticipating the future. That's because their insane vanity distorts what they see coming so they're always taken unawares, always blindsided by something more humble people prepared for. As an example, we were forced to watch Liz walk right into a humiliation because she was too full of herself to realize that the man she thought she had in her pocket wouldn't meekly submit to being jerked around. Not, of course, that she gave that its right name. That's because she's a Patterson and can't accurately remember the past. They can't learn from their failures because they mentally edit things so that they're not to blame. This is also why Elly bellows at Edgar and Dixie; she won't acknowledge that's she's a crappy pet owner who doesn't know how dogs think. You see, this time, the dogs WILL cooperate and do what she expects them to do.
Tags: my brain needs a shower!!, one big oblivious family

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