dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Endullening.

Every so often, we are forced to confront a Lynnsight in which Lynn seems to be at pains to reassure her fans that she and Elly are all but identical. Some of us are left thinking that she fears mass rejection should her people find out that she's a richish lady who had a staff for the longest time but I think the answer lies less in her fear of them and more in her tendency to underestimate them.

This is because Lynn appears to believe that for her characters to be sympathetic and beloved by a mass audience, they must be far duller people than those they are based on. We have commented on the contrast between flying dentist/community activist Rod and Trash Bag Johnny for years wondering why Lynn left all of the qualities that would make him interesting on the cutting room floor and are forced to realize that Lynn doesn't think a Janelle J could relate to someone as interesting as he is. This is also why we don't have Mike the roller derby fan or Liz the snowboarder. The children must also be dull so that they do not make the dull people leading the boring, pointless, insignificant lives who read the strip face the meaninglessness of their beige lives and kill themselves. She made Liz marry Anthony not just to justify the mess she made with Doug, she's also keeping anonymous sheeple from flyover country from shooting their brains out in despair.
Tags: lynn's defective creative vision

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