dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Life is fun because Connie's a hypocrite and a flake.

You want to know a funny thing? Here's a funny thing; when Connie moved to Thunder Bay two years ago, the greatest part of me wanted to take her aside and tell her to re-enroll in high school because she had no business running around in the adult world. Any sort of objective, disinterested person would behold her fixating on Ted like she was some idiot teenager crushing on someone who just wasn't in to her and realize that she ran away from home because instead of fearing something rational like the indifference and/or sympathy of her peers, she feared that everyone would laugh at her for wanting love or some such adolescent drivel.

The reason that I mention this is that she's just now turned right round and started making noise about how her step-daughter clearly isn't mature like her and doesn't know what love means so she should just turn her emotions on and off like a light switch to make life easier for a deluded flake devoid of the quantum known as self-awareness. I almost prefer Elly's still being angry at the paper-boy who told her that he had a girlfriend already so he didn't need an annoying, clueless tag-along shadowing him to Connie's repellent and flagrant hypocrisy.
Tags: connie versus using her brain

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