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Okay but don't: Elly and her skewed vision of consequences.

As you know, I like to think that the real reason Elly never bothered barring the gate in the back yard is that for reasons I'm about to get into, she assumed that if she were to do so, April would yell and cry and pout forever and ever and ever. While it's true that most children's moods come and go and that April would soon forget about being able to Houdini out of the gate and find some other way to annoy her parents, it's futile to explain this to Elly because an external force had led her to believe that someone docile and suggestible like Lizzie or someone mildly bratty like April would howl and moan and pout and scream and be angry for days and days and days.

This is because said external force left Elly somewhat traumatized and destroyed her common sense owing to its outrageous behaviour. Since Elly has a little bit of PTSD, she won't really back up most punishments because she fears the return of a nightmare scenario: a child screaming his fool head off for years and taking for-Goddamned-ever to admit to himself that life isn't a plot to ruin him.

That's right. The external force I'm talking about is human garbage who thinks that verbal effluent like "And the living buried the dead" is the apex of wit. Had Mike not been such a vindictive, small-minded, short-sighted and moody cretin, Elly would have had the confidence to handle a moody child. What this means is that everyone has had it wrong for twenty one years and counting. It wasn't April's naughtiness and disobedience that killed Farley. It wasn't everyone else's being asleep at the switch that did it. No. The person ultimately responsible for the disaster was miles away hanging with Josef Weeder. Simply put, Michael killed Farley because he made Elly a worse parent than she would have otherwise been.
Tags: child rearing disasters

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