dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Molly's expiry date.

To continue this look at what Elly is doing wrong here, let's remind ourselves that Elly hasn't the vaguest idea of what Molly actually wants. She isn't looking for advice, she isn't looking for guidance, she isn't looking to be told that she should move on and she definitely isn't looking for a comment on how some old lady failed math. What she's looking for is for someone to agree that for reasons beyond her control, her life has been totally upset and that it sucks that it happened. Her father isn't around when she wants to have her feelings acknowledged and the woman he married is distinctly unsympathetic to her plight so she's looking for someone to vent to and she ain't getting it.

The reason, sadly, is that she lives in a world that fears and hates a moody teen-ager who wants to be told that her life isn't all sunshine and rainbows and unicorn farts. From whining ass-bucket John making that hateful and stupid comment about problem hair to that ignorant pinhead Eva Warzone checking April's expiry date, it's sort of obvious that we live in a world hostile to the idea of people getting things off their chest and getting catharsis. The idea should be that a child should bury feelings of confusion, loss and alienation to make things easier for the adults causing the problem for a very stupid reason: the child must serve as an emotional crutch to stupid old people who see their blessed lives as a bleak hell-world because other people have free will.

Well, there's that and they're stupid enough to not understand that children aren't chaos-loving monsters who want to ruin them. After all, you can't read John's arch and moronic comments about not knowing that he'd raised a princess without telling yourself "Holy Shit! This stupid sack of bastard thinks that the kid wants to laugh at her brother and his family as they freeze to death instead of wanting to be told that things will work out for her!" Someone who'd pull a chair out from under a child because he automatically assumed that she cussed out her idiot mother simply isn't capable of seeing a child any other way because he's an authoritarian muttonhead who needs his arse kicked for him.
Tags: child rearing disasters, eva warzone, john and the not-a-princess-you-clod

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