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Adventures in dog-walking.

The interesting thing about Elly's lack of self-awareness is that it comes into play in one of the most infuriating arcs to ever involve Farley. We establish things with the pooch bulking up because the idiots are overfeeding him like the idiots they are. While we stop along the way to get a dumb joke about how Elly's horrible children are somehow making her obsessively wolf down their leftovers and a mean-spirited crack from John, we establish the first irritating premise: having to actually walk Farley is a horrible burden that no one wants but has to do anyway because Elly yells louder than they can.

The arc proper begins with Lizzie getting the leash tangled on something because she doesn't really know what she's doing. When she unhooks it, Farley runs off after a stray cat and Lizzie angrily blames Farley for her own lack of smarts and inability to control him. She then encounters Christopher and Richard who are pretty much as much use as a screen-door in a submarine owing to their tendency to feed into her fear that Elly and John will disown her for losing the dog. She sits there hiding away for an hour of misery only to get an angry lecture about wandering off when the dog has been on the porch the whole time.

Why does this anger me, you might ask? Is it that Christopher and Richard are useless jerks? Is it that Farley is a despised punching bag? Is it that Lizzie lives in fear of her mother's rages? Yes, but there's something else that really irritates me. Said irritant is the unpleasant realization that if Lizzie were to ever explain what went on, she would either not be believed (which is bad) or get an angry lecture about lying about what kind of person her mother is. Remember, Elly simply does not see the high-strung, thin-skinned, inflexible, short-tempered and judgmental nag everyone else sees when they think of her and forcing her to confront her real self anger her. Since we know Lizzie won't be forgiven for this, you can understand why I'm angry.
Tags: boomer lens-cap stupidity, farley: chew toy of fate

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