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Weaponizing polite language.

As we know, Lynn appears to have set a rather arbitrary starting point for the Letters From The Characters that got preserved. They seem to take place after the Going After arc for something of a reason; said reason is that Liz reacted not very well to being told by other people how she should have handled the Howard Bunt situation. Since she was more or less a mouthpiece for Lynn when people who should have minded their own business and alleged fans who clearly didn't like her told her that handling a serious issue like attempted assault as if it were a scene from an old Western was, at best, questionable and at worst, a dangerous disservice, Liz politely thanked all and sundry for their concerns and their 'helpful' comments about pressing charges and keeping him from attacking other women with a cheery means to telling them all to take a flying leap.

This, I should think, is because Liz has internalized a very Canadian way of dealing with Things She Doesn't Want To Hear like "Letting that bastard Howard go was a dumb idea" or "What did you expect Eric would do since you wouldn't put out?" or "You might not have wanted trouble with Therese but you were bound to collide because Anthony made that happen" is to smile a smarmy smile and thank people for the concern they should have up their arses. This, of course, is not a universal thing and only extends to people she feels like impressing. Picky-faced Martians who want her to think about Uncle Jasper's harmonium get a face full of "NOT NOW" because they shouldn't have enough power to make her feel bad about being The Human Clusterfuck.
Tags: canadian culture 101, lizardbreath: complete dunderhead

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