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Mr Warren: Canadian Content Mr Fogarty.

If you will remember, I made a wild-ass guess that the reason Liz was such a wretched student is that her first teacher was a shrill and easily-overwhelmed incompetent who, for some reason or another, had it in for her. If she'd had any other teacher but that moron Blais, Liz might have been a more enthusiastic student as a child and wouldn't have matured to become the incompetent buffoon that Lynn thinks that a good teacher is.

The reason that I mention this has something to do with the comic strip "Luann" by Greg and Karen Evans. As I mentioned before, the celebration of designated heroes and villains started out as a spin-off from an earlier strip about an inept, bitter time-server of a teacher named Fogarty. While failed English teacher Evans clearly seems to think of the man as a sympathetic character and a role model, the truth is that the man is the disturbed and disturbing proof of how having the wrong man in the wrong place can kill any sort of interest in education. A clueless, pompous and boorish whiner like him frothing with outrage because the world is passing him by without his approval can't help but discourage at least one of his charges and make getting educated seem like too much trouble.

This is why it sort of bothers me that Lynn has clearly reverse-engineered the stupid sack of bastard and called him Mr Warren. We start off with his practically soiling himself because he thinks that Mike and his friends are going to form a gang, he makes a cutting remark when Mike isn't feeling well and he all but shits himself when it looks as if the blizzard of 88 is going to make him stay with the horrible sub-creatures they don't pay him enough to deal with. As it was with The Idiot Goddess Of Public Shaming and Lizzie, Mike learns nothing much from this moron that isn't "grown-ups like your teacher and your parents are miserable all the time because when you turn twenty, they remove the part of you that enjoys life and in revenge, they want to get you to start hating getting up in the morning and regretting still being alive early."
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