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Adult: "Dull" sandwiched between 'a' and 't'.

As you know, I came up with fake bios for the family that were more or less the nightmare fantasy Elly has tormented herself with since 1977. In said bios, she and John are destined to be forgotten and despised by children who will actually stand around looking gutted and wondering what it said about them that they didn't do all the nice stuff they're doing for their parents NOW when they were alive to appreciate it.

The reason why I did this is that for reasons that are probably silly, Elly and John are at pains to present an image of gravity at all times around their offsprings and small ones. I can count on the thumbs of one hand the times that the children have ever had a clue that Mom and Dad are capable of enjoying life because it's sort of obvious that the paranoid twits they call parents think that if the children see them laugh, they can't ever be taken seriously ever again.

As I said before the last time I talked about this, the end result is that Mike, Liz and April spent entirely too long thinking that grown-ups have the ability to enjoy life surgically removed and wish to delay the inevitable end result of yearning for sweet, sweet death like John and Elly do. Given that John and Elly are too stupid to understand that their endless negativity is why their kids do this because they are poor at understanding how they look to other people and they're raising their kids to be as dumb as crap too, we can look forward to an indeterminate future in which the Elly of 2020 wonders why her grandchildren ask her why Mike and Liz were born boring, awful and forty.
Tags: boomer lens-cap stupidity, child rearing disasters

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