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Whither the Settlepocalypse.....

Strange, how this time last year we were all worried about when Liz and Anthony would get engaged, how we thought it was February. Odder still that I delurked and started this blog to figure out why she'd subject herself to becoming the next Annie Nichols. (More on that tomorrow). It seems obvious now that these are the sort of people that just seem to end up getting stuck with one another and there's nothing that can stop them doing so. They may confuse their bland, dreary half-existence with happiness but I do know someone who'd be thrilled: Elly.
It seems obvious that if Liz doesn't settle down and raise a family within walking distance of the Tiny Train House before she's thirty, Elly's day-to-day life wouldn't be significantly affected. It doesn't really matter how many grandchildren she'd smile at and leave to their own devices in the long run nor wher she did it change her life too much. She already fears and hates Thérèse and having Anthony as a son-in-law as opposed to her daughter's significant other wouldn't change her opinion of the Caines. What it would change is Elly's perception of herself. If Fate cheats Liz of her Happy Ending, it wouldn't be because that's how the universe unfolded. It would be because Elly failed as a mother. If she were a better parent, you see, her child would be set for a happy life in a cozy neighborhood with an earnest go-getter husband and swell kids not alone and unfilfilled or wandering around in the woods trying to find herself. Even if she did have the husband and kids and suburban rancher in, say for the sake of argument, Calgary, that would mean that she thought that Elly wasn't good enough to help out. This is because Elly wants to have things both ways. She saw no problem moving thousands of miles away from home to settle down because she didn't want her parents breathing down her neck all the time but she can't stand the idea of her children not benefitting from her wisdom.
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