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The phases of the Lizardbreath.

To understand why it is that Lizardbreath drifts through life like an idiot, we haveto remember that the book "The Lives Behind The Lines" has Elly/Lynn ruefully mutter that instead of bonding with her mother, Lizzie spent most of her free time delighting in being Daddy's Little Girl. From the very beginning, she seemed to delight in the attention that John paid her and seems to have internalized the idea that having a man fawn over her was the bestest thing ever. This is why exposure to Connie and her step-daughters and their building their lives and identities over what man was scurrying around to please them was so catastrophic.

Sadly, there was another catastrophe called exposure to strangers who didn't know that their function was to make her feel better by cooing over the cutie she was. This, as I've said before, was why she spent most of her time in elementary and middle school thinking she was too ugly to live because Daddy didn't gush over her any longer and people, awful people, expected her to earn attention.

What this means is that Anthony was the first of many phases she went through. What would always happen is that some dude looked at the face without quite realizing that the personality behind it was more important, tried really hard to build something meaningful with the flighty, self-absorbed nitwit and eventually pursued someone less into herself. After the collapse of the phase, Liz would declare that declare that she didn't know what love was and that she'd made the person up.

As it stands now, Anthony is currently ahead on points because of the insane things he did to prove his loyalty to her. This leaves her as flattered by his solicitude as she is of Jesse and his stealing for her. Not only was he willing to be 'there' for her when she needed him, marrying Anthony affords her the return of Daddy's approval. This means that she has a man and her daddy and there's nothing an ugly brother or picky-face sister or so-called friends who insist on humiliating her by living fulfilling lives of ease can do to make her feel bad.

The reason that I say this is that the same sort of pride that makes Elly and Deanna view their own defective, worthless husbands as their best friends ever will corrode what's left of Liz's ability to tell chicken salad from chicken shit; it might look to strangers as if Anthony is disgusted by her real self and wants to find someone who he can turn into the fantasy construct he fell in love with but they don't know him or her so they can go away. Who knows? She might even start to make pompous speeches about how he deserves to have his flings as long as she has her status.
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