dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Elly's life was always all used up: the story of a morbid fixation.

What little we do know about Elly's past tends to suggest that John was the first serious love interest she had. Before him, her 'love life' appears to have consisted of her flinging herself at boys who were either aggressively not interested in her or terrified of either her or Jim. Given that Elly has always had something of a theatrical streak and an inability to put things in perspective, it's possible that we could have had another borrowing from Greg Evans if we'd spent long enough in her teenaged shoes. This is because like Luann, there's an image that leads her like a pillar of flame by night and a pillar of smoke by day. It's the image of her as a despised old lady who never got anything done and who was surrounded by cruel people who mocked her for wanting to be happy.

Having a husband and children seems to have done little more than to add their faces and voices to the jeering crowd of people who want to rub it in that it's the height of hilarity that the life of a garbage person like her is all used up and totally wasted. They can go from strength to strength while she pleads pathetically to people who want to kick her to death because it's fun. The reason that this image will always haunt her on one level or another has a lot to do with why she insists that she's a morbidly obese monster instead of the skinny person with a posture problem the lying people who lie say she is to trick her.

Simply put, the part of Elly's personality that takes pride in resisting being told that she's not a fat person who should be killed for being too ugly to live is also going to resist any evidence that suggests that she's a valued member of society and a loved family member. After all, Elly refuses to be cheered up because she thinks that any attempt to dissuade her from believing in a self-destructive belief that hurts her means that people hate her and don't take her seriously. We can thus look forward to a distressing future in which a poor, deluded old lady is surrounded by people who love and care for her and want to help her but she's too blinded by a nightmare fantasy that combines narcissistic excess with nihilism to realize it. Oh, wait. The future is already here.
Tags: elly at 65, elly on her cross

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