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Elly versus winning.

Of course, there's another reason that bingo is terrible that isn't looking down her nose at the people who play it; Elly also seems to disagree quite strongly with people taking who comes out ahead as seriously as the people we see do. Just as she spent most of her time as a hockey mom wondering why grown men take what should be aimless fun seriously, Elly is confused by the fact that people who want to win want to win.

We get a hint as to why as she drives home from the senior's complex developing a complex because she didn't bring home the big pot and feel the thrill of victory. It mattered not that the established players would resent her good fortune, Good Socialist Elly is like everyone who wishes for a victory-free world in that she wants to win all the time and hates it that other people do and thus get to taunt her and make her feel like shit and wish to kill herself and so on and so forth. Not, of course, that she'd actually say that losing makes her feel like human garbage that has to be put to death; it's better to mock that which makes her feel small to make herself feel big.

This would be bad enough were she not raising three children to live in her world of unacknowledged resentment. From Mike whining about how Divala made him a rung on her ladder to Liz not admitting that Evil Career Women might have a gooooood reason to resent her to April emphatically not wanting to admit to herself that she's burning with jealousy when she talks shit about Becky, the Patterson family try really hard to disguise their burning envy of anyone daring to have a better time than they do and, like everything else they do, they fail at it.
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