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Liz: The New Anne Nichols.....

A while back, I wrote an entry in this attempt to explain why the Pattersons bothered me so much that noticed that Elly's friends had been reduced to background characters so Lynn could focus on Michael and Elizabeth. I noted with a certain amount of displeasure that Anne Nichols' story had been placed on the backburner so we could bear witness to the slow development of the Settlepocalypse. It occurs to me that the comparison of the two women is a good one to make because Annie's past is likely to be Liz's future. I can see her becoming a full-time mother because she sees the hell Deanna goes through daily and not wanting to divide her time between marking papers and raising kids. Anthony, like Steve, looks good on paper to the sort of people who admire the Pattersons so it would seem that they'd have a quiet, slightly traditional marriage. The problem is that Anthony isn't any more satisfied with what he has than Steve was. He too has a strong moody streak that the more secure John lacks, the same tendency to apathy and self-pity Steve has. John also has better impulse control. He's satisfied with his life because he's easily pleased. Even if a woman came onto him, he'd laugh it off because he's got a sweet deal at home and doesn't wanna mess that up. Anthony would stray because he, like Steve, got bored and wanted more excitement than monogamy provided. Liz, like Annie, could wind up living in a bubble, thinking that everything was practically perfect in every way for a decade or so until she found out the awful truth. Given her personality, she would not seek out a divorce attorney anymore than Annie did. What would happen, after a lot of shrieking and whining and some soul searching, is that she'd end up realizing the fantasies she grew up sort of messed up her mind. Once she finally joined the real world, she'd have the same sort of happily imperfect life Annie has now.
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