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Elly, fairness and bingo.

The interesting thing about Elly's indulging Thelma by playing her silly game is not that she knuckled under and bought more cards than she wanted to after shooting her mouth off about how silly people were being. We know that Elly always caves when it's too much trouble to enforce a decree or when she might have to totally humiliate herself forever and be forever lesser in a person's eyes by having to apologize to them. What's interesting is that she still assumes that people have to wait for her to keep up and are extra-bad people for insisting that she move at their pace. She doesn't see the presumptuous and silly idiot we see. She sees herself as being the victim of terrible people who want her to never express herself because they're mean and unfair.

This is a recurring problem when dealing with Elly. I remember the job search that began with her assuming that the librarians never really liked her at all because none of them were willing to do the right thing and quit so she could still have an identity that wasn't "useless and anonymous housewife who will never get her due recognition in this life"; when she tried putting her name in at Philpotts, we saw a woman with not much experience in retail be impersonally dismissed because she didn't meet their needs. They had no strong feelings about her one way or another but the nitwit simply had to take it all personally. Just as the bingo people want to run over her because they hate her and want to wear her out because she can't throw her weight around like a dumb bully, everyone who expects her to pretend she believes that she's just an ordinary person who doesn't get to stomp around like Godzilla are monsters who want her to never laugh or speak or be happy or be paid attention to. Small wonder that one of Marian's last thoughts was most likely a wish that Elly would some day grow up.
Tags: educating elly, elly on her cross

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