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Children versus romance: the subtext made leadenly obvious.

As you will perhaps recall, long ago, I came up with the rather depressing idea that the reason that John and Elly kept going on those kid-hostile vacations in the sun was in order to finally have the honeymoon they never believe themselves to have experienced. It was never about the sheer impracticality of uprooting a child for two weeks every March or the logistic nightmare involved in corralling them or even Elly's sick dread that somehow, a child's naughtiness would end up causing a disaster. It was all about the very real problem of her being disappointed and feeling that yet again, the magic she was promised failed to materialize. The reason that I mention this is that when the Martian asked why she couldn't go on the trip, Carrie Patterson tried really hard to explain that parents are people too and it's nothing personal in order to avoid telling her the truth: the Pattersons and their co-cannibals think that the presence of rugmunchers and small fry puts the brakes on anything remotely romantic.

We confirm this suspicion every time the idea of John and Elly being in love and doing sentimental things baffles and disgusts the younger generation. The obvious subtext of Lizzie and Mike stating that parents simply aren't allowed to display affection like they were people are something is that evil, selfish children race around squealing "You can't have emotional needs.....you're a MOTHER!!" because Lynn doesn't want to live in the world we do. This world has children think that their parents were born old, angry killjoys who live to suppress fun and make them renounce happiness out of revenge. The idea that Mom and Dad used to be kids like them only ever fully develops when they're in their mid-twenties. This means that John and Elly are finally about due for their real honeymoon. It also means that some poor shmuck baby-sitter is trying to explain to Mike and Liz's kids why they gotta stay in the snow without flat-out calling them selfish romance-eaters.
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