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On only thinking you're the angel of death.

The thing about the end-game for Thelma is that it's something we've all seen before by now. Everyone has encountered an older person who, up until a certain point, was the picture of vigor only to have a sudden decline after a certain point. Thelma's decline was simply a lot quicker than most. The problem is that this is going to be Lizzie's first time dealing with someone's death. She was just talking to this person a little while ago and for reasons she can't explain, she just died. A little while later, this Ed fellow also passed away and she was just talking to him to. A few years later, she'll be visiting Marian only to have her get really sick and then just die on her too. Since human beings are built to see patterns in events, Liz is going to be looking for a common factor and finding it staring back at her in the mirror.

While this is a silly but typical thing for someone looking for an answer to think, we can't look to the Pattersons to help. This is because Elly is total crap at explaining anything to children. Either she goes off on a confusing tangent that answers no questions or somehow gets angry at the person for no clear reason or she tries to duck the issue because it scares her; what she's not going to do is actually reassure her children. This probably means that Liz, while not consciously aware of it, has it in the back of her head that if she visits an old person, that person will die within days. Picky-faced Martians see a ditz who turns her nose up at the smell. We see another victim of Elly's cowardice and stupidity.
Tags: elly patterson: moron parent, lizardbreath: complete dunderhead

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