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The fear of an indifferent world.....

I know that I've mentioned this in the past but Elly, April and Liz share to one degree or another a mental quirk that complicates their lives; the dread that nobody really cares about how they look. The reprint shown on Jaunary 5, 2008 is simply the earliest example of this tendency. As much as Elly was afraid that the clerk was going to judge her harshly for buying the skin-care lotion, she equally feared that she wouldn't. A person with a more balanced self-concept would simply buy the tub of face cream knowing that it was none of the clerk's business and that the clerk didn't care anyway so there was no need to panic or squirm like Elly did. Elly's thinking is anything but balanced, though. She honestly thought that the clerk would have one of the following reactions:

1) It's about time you bought this, Grandma Moses.

2) It's too late for you, you crone.


3) Who cares what you look like, anyway?

The notion that there was a fourth option, "Cash or charge?", wouldn't occur to her. The idea that someone thought of her struggles with aging as being universal would not appeal because then she wouldn't be special. Elly's extreme self-absorption mandates that she not be an average woman trying to maintain her appearance just like everyone else but a crone staving off the ravages of age. Likewise, Liz seems to have spent most of her formative years also magnifying the effect a purported physical imperfection had on her chances of having a happy life. Instead of not caring about what other people thought about her, she spent most of her time sitting in her room whining about how she had no friends because she was sooooooo ugly. I also remember April ruined her frindship with Becky because of her fears of inadequacy. Spouting about how her former friend would surely steal away attention because she was prettier indicates that she too is obsessed about her looks.

The odd thing is that Lynn herself is a fairly attractive and stylish woman. The fact that she draws her avatar to be a prematurely-aged crone constantly trying to improve her looks and sinking deeper into ugliness smells way too much like a stupid moral. Lynn probably thinks that Elly made herself uglier and uglier because she was too obsessed with her looks to take adequate care of herself.
Tags: liz: whining martyr, one big oblivious family, picky-face martian princess creature, sheet shaver

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