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The Martha saga: Phase One.

As we all know, we are about one year or so away from reminding ourselves that Martha's understanding of her dealings with Michael Patterson would tend to almost always paint him in a rather unflattering light. They might have met cute but, man alive, did they ever break up ugly and it's mostly because Michael is a self-serving, self-absorbed dimwit who, when encountering any sort of frustration, confusion or negative emotions, engages in horrible blubbering about hateful deceit. Let's remind ourselves of a great big sign the Martha of 2016 is telling her children about in order to protect them from the morons of this world.

The one-two punch I had in mind would, of course, be his inability to see her side in the sharing of notes crisis and his pathetic bleating about that stupid-ass gross-out Valentine he brainlessly bought. We remember that she was on the horns of a typical teenaged dilemma because we remember that Janet and Meg were transfixed by the notion that she had to share everything ever to prove she was their friend and not some creep hiding things from them because we remember that kids can think some awfully damned stupid things. We also remember that the stupid fool Mike clearly seems to have thought that she should have been willing to spend most of her junior high years with a target painted on her forehead to Prove Her Love For Him. We also remember that the stupid creep turned right the Hell around and got his arse in an uproar because she didn't like the insulting gross-out Valentine he couldn't buy because people would think he was a pansy or some stupid fucking thing.

This should have reminded her of the Foob Fact Number One about Michael Timothy Patterson:

"Fact One: Michael Patterson is a user who expects that the people around him have to do all the work in a relationship while he gets to sit on his own fat arse because he's not some slave or something."
Tags: bullet-dodging martha, mike is a terrible boyfriend, the foob facts

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