dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Martha Saga: Phase Two

As I led off with yesterday, Michael not only expected Martha to do all of the heavy lifting in their relationship, he let his inability to trust anyone get in the way. He chose to misinterpret the forced 'friends or boyfriend' dilemma as her trying to play games with him and also chose to interpret her expecting him to make amends for giving her a Valentines that was abusive and demeaning as an act of betrayal, humiliation and manipulation because he's the sort of asshole who does things like that.

What this means is that Mike was a willing recipient of that hateful, ignorant comment about reading between the lines that useless goof of a wife-repellent Arnold made to explain away the fact that his own toxic personality is why he's still single. To amend John's breezy comment about how you can't cheat an honest man, we were dealing with a case of yet another buffoon allowing himself to be lied to because it scratched an itch. Martha's discovery of the fact that Mike was being a butthead because he wanted to believe the worst of her should have alerted her to another reason she's lucky Mike is no longer part of her life:

Foob Fact Number Two: Mike Patterson doesn't actually trust anyone and expects to be betrayed and laughed at.

The reason for this is sadly somewhat obvious. Said reason recoiled in disgust and horror from him when he wanted attention because she was and is too much of a child herself to be a parent.
Tags: bullet-dodging martha, mike is a terrible boyfriend, the foob facts

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