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The Martha Saga: Phase Three.

Now that we've reminded ourselves that Mike is an asshole who thinks that he doesn't have to give anything up when he's in a relationship because that's the love interest's job and that deep down, he's a whining infant that thinks that people don't really love him and just want to torment him for fun because they have needs too, let's remind ourselves of the third and fourth Foob Facts.

Fact Number Three comes into play when describing the collapse of his relationship with Martha. As you will recall, Doofus was too busy focused on getting his learner's permit to give anything like a crap about her feelings. As you will also recall, the jackass blamed his initially failing his driver's test on her out-of-the-blue it-totally-had-nothing-to-do-with-what-he-was-doing betrayal. This recapitulation of Phil's infantile whining about how he let a woman mess up his head and his bleating about the unfairness of his having his fate decided for him lead us nicely to Foob Fact Number Three:

Fact: Despite the fact that he's mostly to blame for the break-up, Mike refuses to accept any sort of responsibility for his actions but shifts all the blame on the person he's with because he's not into being blamed for things.

This leads us to Fact Number Four. Fact Number Four comes into play when he meets Martha a few weeks later and he cannot believe that he had such strong feelings for this persons. He foreshadows the maunderings of his idiot sister Liz when he tells himself that no, he didn't really know what love was when he was around her but now that he's with someone who strokes his ego, he does. This leaves us with one conclusion as to what Foob Fact Number Four is:

Fact: Michael never really loved Martha at all. He was in love with the idea of being in love and the person he's with is simply a means to an end, not a person with feelings he'd be oppressed and shackled by having to respect or consider.

When one fast-forwards to her having to endure his pompous blathering about how it's probably her betrayal that made a misery of her life (which neatly echoes that fucking imbecile Phil's hateful tantrum about how Connie should die in misery because she grew cool to his self-absorption and complacency), it doesn't take a genius to realize that Martha had to remind herself of Foob Fact Number Five:

Fact: You'd have to be some sort of masochist to get in the three-way that is getting into a relationship with Michael and his grossly inflated (and horribly toxic) ego.
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