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The Rhetta Saga: Lessons Not Learned.

The interesting thing about the first few months of Mike's infatuation with Rhetta is that he was as certain as anything that this strange person she deferred to simply had to be her current boyfriend. Rhetta actually expressed a certain measure of surprise when Mike copped to this assumption because she had yet to learn Foob Fact Number Six:

Fact: Michael Patterson isn't overburdened with curiosity as to what's going on around him and fills in the cracks in such a manner that makes him a victim.

If you're paying attention, you'll have noticed that this inability and-or refusal to ask what the other person wants is pretty much what torpedoed his relationship with Martha. Never once did he ever ask what she really wanted because he's not smart enough or decent enough or human enough to ask himself that sort of question. Given who he is, it doesn't take all that smart a person to figure out that he was probably going to make the same mistake with Rhetta and get complacent and get blindsided when she does unfair things like not be held to a higher standard of behaviour than he is. Once again, we had to deal with his infantile wailing about false-hearted women and oafish behaviour because of Foob Fact Number Seven:

Michael studiously avoids learning from the stupid things he does because doing so would tend to mean that he has to accept responsibility.

while his churlish act of sending her a break-up e-mail and other cute stunts remind us of Foob Fact Number Eight:

Mike goes out of his way to avoid asking himself 'How do other people see me?' because he fears that the answer is 'They see a sullen doorknob with an unrealistic and self-serving self-image.'

What he doesn't know is that there's a ninth Foob Fact that comes into play. Said Foob Fact wears its hair in a bun because it thinks that the back of its head is flat and makes panicky noise about how close he is to people who don't automatically defer to her. More on that tomorrow.
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