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On not noticing parallels.

The interesting thing about Elly's obsessive need to surround herself with people who are terrified of her rages and to reject and malign people who tell a greedy, self-absorbed prima donna what she can do with her infantile wailing about how big a martyr she is and how everyone everywhere is supposed to ask "what shark?" when she says jump is that Ted is derided for being pretty much the same sort of mother's boy Michael is. Just as Ted would have probably settled down and had a pretty much respectable existence if his shrew of a mother weren't arround to encourage his knavishness and juvenile thinking, Mike would have actually stood an even shot of being decent company if Elly were herself not a needy megalomaniac sacrificing everyone's morals on the heathen altar of her unwarranted entitlement.

The reason that I mention this is while we know what makes Ted tick, the plain fact is that Elly doesn't know Ted's history. She still has no real idea what it was like to be him and, let's be honest, she isn't especially curious and wouldn't care if she did know because of Foob Fact Number Eleven:

Fact: People who do not live in fear of Elly's infantile rages or respect her insatiable greed are human garbage we must despise lest Elly be confronted with dangerous information about how she's not the center of all things.

Not only does she not care about what drives people she hates and not only can she not forgive anyone who transgresses against her warped moral code, she also studiously avoids admitting that she's a lot like the people who bother her. Just as she'll always sort of hate Marian for being the same sort of mother she is for the same reasons and just as she won't admit that Mira is simply better at steam-rolling over people than she wants to be, she also isn't going to admit that her caustic nagging has had a ruinous effect on her kids' lives. This allows us to formulate Foob Fact Number Twelve:

Fact: Elly has no interest in acknowledging how similar she is to people who inconvenience her.
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