dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The ending Lynn never saw.....

What really bothers me is that Lynn chose long ago to wrap things up with the wedding of Anthony and Elizabeth. It always seemed to me that her ultimate fate could jolly well take care of itself, that when the Patterson saga came to an end we didn't need to know what happened to her. When I'd first heard that Lynn was retiring, I didn't know about the hybrid. I, like a lot of people, thought there'd be a definite ending after which their fictional lives would go on off camera, so to speak. The ending I envisioned rotated around Michael and the fact that he had children that, when the wrap-up came, would be roughly the same ages he and Elizabeth were when the strip started. As Elly was in the past, Deanna is pre-programmed with the notion that children are nuisances that she is too good to have to deal with. The result, of course, is that we have two out-of-control children locked in a bitter rivalry for parental affection. Like his father before him, Mike might be initially baffled and then angered that his offspring do not get along. In the ending I'd seen, Mike would think back to his youth and seen where his parents had failed him and his sister, seen how his own hostility had added to Liz's feelings of inadequacy, taken steps to prevent his children from making the same mistakes he and Liz had made, told Deanna to get off her high horse about her mother and listen to what she had to say. In short, he'd have become the heroic figure Lynn tells us he is on her website. Seeing that each generation improves just that little bit on the one before it would have been a better ending than a stale retread of his wedding to Deanna.
Tags: child rearing disasters, fifties icon deanna, mikerobe: the universal infant

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