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The misplaced forgiveness factor

I think you'll agree that Patterson women aren't big on guts when it comes to menfolk treating them like dirt. Just as Elly is willing to put up with John's bullshit because she needs to be married more than she needs to be treated with respect, Liz and April were willing to tolerate all manner of shitty treatment from oafs and clods who saw them as a commodity because they had a man. As long as they were sure that the twit love interest was loyal to them, they could get behind anything. This leaves us having to deal with

Foob Fact Thirteen: Pattersons are willing to put up with all manner of nasty behaviour from a partner because they know of only one reason that a dysfunctional relationship may be allowed to break up: infidelity.

I think you'll also agree that they also expect that the partner should be willing to do all sorts of things that are totally at odds with their own best interests and certain realities Pattersons would prefer not exist because they get in the way of the Patterswine getting exactly what they want when they want it. Watching Martha and Rhetta and Paul and Warren be told that caring about their own personal needs made them selfish brings us to

Foob Fact Fourteen: Pattersons don't actually care about any obstacles that their needs might present to other people and tend to assume selfish motives and treachery are why said issues are invoked.

This is because of all of the things that a Patterson can think of, loving another person in any way, shape or form is the worst. The Patterson him- or herself in question can be a capricious dolt who isn't obliged to be troubled by what that person might feel or want because it's not about the other person's feelings or what the Pattersaint might demand of them. Also, people who dare to try to justify that person's unforgivable betrayal are also dirt under the Foob's heels because how dare they say that it's not their business to look out for a Foob's interests first, last and always. This leads us to dealing with

Foob Fact Fifteen: There can be no forgiveness of cheaters or those who defend them lest the Patterson be forced to confront the terrible possibility that he/she might be responsible in any way for his/her own misery.


Foob Fact Sixteen: The Pattersons have the baffling notion that despite the fact that they are incapable of actually trusting anyone, it's the job of everyone in the God-damned world to look out for their interests.
Tags: april versus herself, liz is a horrible girlfriend, mike is a terrible boyfriend, the foob facts

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