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Why it's funny that Elly is stupid.

As we know, Lynn is clearly decided that her audience consists mostly of busy mothers who are exasperated with their children. This was a breath of fresh air back in 1979 because before that, the media informed parents who didn't think that being a stay-at-home mom was great that there was Something Wrong with them. The problem I've always had is Elly's reaction to the more glaring acts of illogic her children perpetrate.

I could understand if her reaction were to look at us and frown as if to say "Kids, right?" because it would position her as St Elli, Guardian Spirit Of Mothers Irritated By The Kids Doing The Same Dumb Crap She Did To Her Parents For The Same Dumb Reasons. I could buy a frustrated rolling of the eyes in irritation for the same reason. What I can't wrap my head around is the constant reminder that what the kids do confuses and terrifies Elly when their motives are pretty much obvious. Next week's arc is a perfect example of this because we have Lizzie and Richard being at odds one day only to be friends the next because there's no one else to play with. Jerry Seinfeld can get behind that because he knows when you're a kid, things are nice and fluid like that. Lynn and Elly can't because they don't really understand how people think so Elly is, of course, confused and terrified by this very normal thing.

We also have to deal with the fact that for the sake of consistency, characters in a comic strip cannot really learn from their mistakes or their experiences. Since Elly cannot grow mentally or become wiser, she makes a lot of sense as either a flat-out nincompoop or a high-functioning alcoholic. It's like how Mike can never really understand that other people's feelings matter as much to them as his do to his or how Liz can never seem to appreciate what a clingy and irrationally selfish person she is.
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