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Elly's crusades, part the first: the comfort complexity.

Of course, Elly's need to let her fears, envies and hatreds run riot in the form of one sort of doomed crusade or another is not the only reason she indulges in great public displays of moralism. There is a very deep psychological need that must be fulfilled by her making an insufferable nuisance to those around her that isn't just her need to be horrible to people and her lust for power. The yearning seems to me to be best described as a yearning for comfort.

For years, I've been wanting to share my idea that the whole bloody Patterson saga was all about her seeking out a world in which she could finally feel comfortable living in. Given that we seem to have in her a Good Socialist who wants praise to be divorced from effort or merit, her idea of 'comfort' is best expressed by formulating what I call Foob Fact Number Eighteen:

Fact: Elly judges a person, event or cultural trend to be moral or a situation or mechanical contrivance to be fair in inverse proportion to the effort said person, device, trend, event or situation requires of her.

This is why she's always angry with her family and always screaming about injustice. She wants to drift through life getting her own way all the time and she doesn't want to be bothered with situations that require her to do things that are boring, messy, difficult or prove her to be in the wrong. This also means that if something or someone disrupts her mellow, she's going to want to crush it to death no matter what the cost because of another stupid belief that I'll get to tomorrow.
Tags: the foob facts, vice crusader elly

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