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Being fooby means never having to say "I'm sorry."

As we know, the current aggravating annoyance of an arc seems to have been touched off because a little creep with a power trip decided to come along and make a pain in the ass of himself by siccing Elly on Lizzie. When we combine this with all of the times wherein Elly was terrified out of her tiny mind because her banishing her kids from her sight blew up in her fact, we wind up with what can be called Foob Fact Thirty-Six:

Fact: Elly usually has to rely on other people to tell her what her children are doing because she's too up her own arse to care.

This, of course, mutates into a reminder that when the chips are down, the kids can count on Elly to be there with stupid advice about how losers need to win or how people who demean you for shits and giggles are just lonely or some such nonsense that just shows how out of touch she is. This is best expressed as Foob Fact Thirty-Seven:

Fact: Elly is loaded with dubious and/or downright destructive advice that her children have to take seriously.

What makes this all the worse is best exemplified by Elly being told flat-out that the reason Jeremy Jones wanted to beat the shit out of April was his belief that she somehow knew that his daddy left him to play harmonica and wanted to rub it in. Instead of saying to herself "Holy Balls! I wanted my daughter to make nice to a God-damned psycho. I should be ashamed of myself", she kept on with the loser-needs-to-win crap because of Foob Fact Thirty-Eight:

Fact: When the facts arrange themselves in such a manner as to make explicit the folly of following an older person's bad advice, said elder cannot apologize lest he or she be diminished in his own eyes.

and Thirty-Nine:

Fact: Apologizing for screwing up is only for people without power.

because admitting that she was wrong about the little bogan would mean that she wouldn't be allowed to be right about anything. This is because she herself is a God-damned lunatic obsessed with the tiny bit of power she's got over others.
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