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The Richard perplex.

As we all know, Lynn appears to have been going to a real "boy next door" thing by pairing Christopher off with Liz before her questionable decision to more or less write Anne's children out of the strip because she couldn't bear to look at someone who "tolerated" infidelity. What got lost in the transition to Anthony is the fact that history teaches us that Richard hates Lizzie and does his damnedest to be a shit to her because he can. From being a malicious pile of crap to her about ice cream and chores to being a rat-bastard about swings and missing dogs, it's clear that he shares Michael's yearning that Lizzie would somehow disappear forever and make his life good and keep him from having everything taken away from him and all the other crap he spouts when he's told to grow up and stop expecting to be coddled.

If Lynn had pursued this, we would have been reminded of another of my Foob Facts:

Foob Fact Forty: Michael suffers from confused thinking and believes that Elizabeth is somehow to blame for his life being 'bad' because he doesn't understand that correlation does not mean causation; this results in his daffy belief that if she were to be made to disappear, he would be treated better.

when it would be revealed that Richard suffered from the misapprehension that Lizzie wants to take his brother away from him and ruin his life and be mean to him because he's the same sort of crazy-as-a-shithouse-rat idiot Mike and Jeremy turned out to be. Were that to be the case, he'd be just another idiot male with fragility issues.
Tags: mike patterson: universal idiot, richard nichols, the foob facts

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