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Image vs. Reality, Part One: Anthony.

You'll notice that I mentioned at the end of yesterday's post that the Michael we see on the homepage is a far better man than the one we see in the strip. That's because I've noticed that the Pattersons all look better on paper than they do in reality. Let's start with the most blatant example of a family member who has an unjustifiable reputation for virtue: Anthony Caine. As I've said many times, he isn't the tragic victim of an unkind fate he would have the Pattersons believe. For starters, he got engaged to Thérèse for the specific purpose of making Elizabeth jealous enough to drop Eric like a hot potato and fend off her sitting duck rival. When that failed because Liz was too stupid to know she was supposed to tell the antagonist Anthony had manufactured to get her filthy mitts off her man, he tried turning his wife into a copy of what he thought Liz was. Once he realized it wasn't going to work, he lost all interest in keeping the marriage together. It took the woman two years to realize that not even having the child he and her parents wanted would save a marriage she thought was real. My guess is that she found out the excuse he made for blowing off a counselling session was a lie; instead of there being an emergency at work, he made a pass at the woman who disrupted her married life. That, combined with the PPD he didn't understand or sympathize with, was a clear sign that he was never loyal to her so she could stop being loyal to him. The only reason her affair blindsided him is, that like a lot of selifsh manipulators, he thinks he can do what he wants whenver he takes a mind to but everyone else has to play by the rules. Since the Pattersons are idiots, they never questioned his take on events. He says all the right things, turns everything he does around so that he's not to blame and looks like the ideal son-in-law. Since Liz isn't who she says she is either, that's sadly appropriate. More on that tomorrow.
Tags: blandthony, sitting duck therese

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