dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

April has cathode-ray poisoning.

The irritating thing about having to remember that Jeremy's clever plan to get April alone so he could knock her the Hell off of her bicycle and punish the Patterson family for taunting him because everyone knew that his daddy left him to play a harmonica by having them deal with a hopeless cripple is not that he's as crazy as a shit house rat, dumber than a load of manure and as mean as a rattle-snake; it's that April thinks that he didn't want witnesses to his running over her like his bicycle was a sedan.

What bothered some people is why does April not look back and see the broken spine and broken life she was going to get because she fixated on the idea of something totally implausible like getting run over by a ten-speed? How much television does this child watch and how badly does it warp her perception of events? If you said "too damned much" and "to a frightening degree" to that last question, you're probably ready for another Foob Fact:

Foob Fact Forty-Two: Elly and John seem to have allowed the television set to become a third parent in their household; since the one that plugs in tells the children that they're smart and loved and wanted, they follow its teachings instead of those of the angry idiot living people who are angry with them all the time.

This is, I should think, why Mike seems to have thought that Elly was bad for wanting to be a person in her own right instead of a sitcom monster and why Liz thought she was the victim protagonist of a soaper like Days of Our Lives or What Next For Weird Betty? Elly can't be asked to pay them attention because it's messy, boring and difficult so she let the box raise them to think that they can get run over by bicycles.
Tags: cathode ray poisoning., the foob facts

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