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On the Foob Facts of hypocritical parenting.

As you have all long known, I've got a lot of trouble with how John and Elly say one thing and do another. From John's thinking that spanking Mike will teach him to not to hit people to Elly's criticism of her children for the terrible eating habits she possesses, it's clear that the Pattersons are a pair of sanctimonious frauds who don't like the idea that they're to blame for the worst of their children's habits. As by way of example, Mike's endless wailing about how nobody loves him because they insist that he get off his fat ass and help has as its source Elly's own infinite moaning about work...but you can't tell Elly that or else you'll get yelled at. This is because of what I like to call:

Foob Fact Forty-Eight: The most irritating side-effect of John and Elly's previously established refusal to admit that what they do has consequences if said consequences are negative is that they don't bother to establish an especially good example.

After all, it's clearly the children's fault that they still have bad habits because it's as clear as anything to John and Elly that they're perfect. We see in John a cruel, thoughtless, insenstive, boorish, chickenhearted, humorless and self-absorbed nincompoop on a power trip while he sees himself as a great guy and in Elly, someone who is rather the reverse of loving, fair, firm, calm or kind despite telling herself she's all of those things. This leads us to:

Foob Fact Forty-Nine: When held to account for their children's failings, John and Elly tend to arrogate to themselves positive qualities that they do not possess.

Since they lack self-awareness, it's clear that they don't see what hypocrites and blunderers they are. Why, they don't even acknowledge the biggest mistake they make when dealing with their children. It's a mistake so glaring, it deserves its own blog entry...which I will provide tomorrow along with the final facts.
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