dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The last gasp of Doctor Ted.

The interesting thing about the upcoming month is not that we're going to have Elly be baffled that the son she thinks is rejecting her is still pathetically dependent on her. What we're going to be dealing with is John's need to have an ego-gratifying toy collide with Ted trying to get John to be a worthless and disgusting cheating cheater who cheats because cheaters are a menace to marriage and goodness and so on and so forth. This, of course, is only laying the ground-work for the last stage of the irritating soap-operatic revenge fantasy Lynn wanted to mutate the strip into back when she wanted to have John cheat on Elly with Sue the Librarian.

This is why the man has degenerated into a cartoon villain incapable of quite seeing that other people have feelings and the right to feel as if they matter as well. In two or three months, he'll be moaning about how people ascribed too much meaning to things that he didn't want to mean anything because he's basically a stupid kid who won't see the other person's point of view. Eventually, he'll become a dirty old man who gets laughed at by women who don't want to date some old fogey in a leisure suit. That'll teach him to think that Elly isn't a demigod who he has to obey.
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