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On the care and feeding of girl posses.

The very interesting thing about the mess Mike makes with Martha is not that he's too entrenched in yowling the mantra "but that's different" when she tells him that she too has friends that she has to keep from turning into antagonists. We know that Mike is big enough an arrogant idiot to assume sight unseen that if she really loved him, she'd be willing to torpedo a friendship or two just to keep him happy. The interesting thing is that Janet and Meg would have to be the only instances of a phenomenon familiar to most kids: the largish clique of teen-aged girls that make a sinister joke of themselves acting as if some spoiled, ignorant child has the experience or right to decide who fits where on the social hierarchy of the artificial environment in which we incarcerate our adolescents.

While we do get the roving band of male chums (which indicates that Lindy was paying attention to the social circle of whatever luckless fool she'd decided would be her Mustache Man) dominating Mike's high school years, Lizzie and April appear to be pretty much social outcasts complaining about a mean girl. Liz stood around moaning about the power Candace had over her and April spent entirely too much time screaming about the fake-ass war Becky declared on her because she didn't want to admit that her job is to feed an incompetent's ego. This combines about Elly's mournful thought-bubbling about lacking the body and the language to make me think that Lynn Ridgway was kind of on the outside looking in back in the day. The irritating thing is having to remember the flashbacks and what she looked like in them. I'll get to that tomorrow.
Tags: freefloating commentary

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