dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Image vs. Reality, Part Three: Michael.

It's not just the two parties of the Settlepocalypse that have been made to look stupid by the ridiculous way Lynn wrote their stories. Just as I'd feel better about Anthony if, immediately after giving Howard his purple nurple, he'd made an angry comment about how he'd like his home a damned sight more without the domineering social climber he'd married trying to schedule his and Francie's lives for them for the next twenty years in it or Liz if she'd dropped the F-bomb on Paul last June, I'd cheer for Michael and his super-amazing success if it hadn't come so easily. It looked to too many people as if Lynn had pulled that $25,000 advance out of thin air for me not to join in the chorus of disbelief. We should not have seen Michael rushing to save a laptop last December. What we should have seen is him shopping the manuscript across town until he found a publishing house that would give him a shot. He'd have an exciting adventure, we'd get to cheer him on as he triumphed over adversity, everyone would win. Too bad Lynn couldn't see that. She also couldn't see an easier way to touch off the Housening. First off, we could have had George pass on last August and, for one reason or another, have the Tiny Train House and its extra space wind up in John's train-obsessed hands. Next, we could have Mike getting fed up with the Kelpfroths, fed up enough to wanna get out of Dodge. We could then see him comparing notes with Train Man and next thing you know, he takes over the Pattermanse with all his furniture intact. Once Johnny Boy had smoothed things over with Elly and April, we could see Mike spend a couple of days questioning whether he wants the headache of running Portrait and doing freelance work, thereby making his defection therefrom seem less, well, stupid. As for Liz, she'd be in Mtig wondering if she should stay in a hotel when she has to testify against Howard when she wasn't worried whether being a policeman's wife was what she really wanted.

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