dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The revenge effect of John's being a wiseass.

As you know by now, I think that Michael is a combination of his parents' worst traits. We combine in him Elly's theatrical nature and insistence that the world is a vast conspiracy to ruin and destroy him and laugh all the while with John's entitlement, lack of respect for the feelings of others and belief that somehow, the rules don't apply to him. While Elly hates the idea of being thought of as a cruel oppressor because she's not her mother, John doesn't like absorbing the same crap he delights in dishing out.

What this means is that John has always regarded Mike as something of a threat, someone to be forced into compliance, someone who needs to have his attitude adjusted. We start off with John boiling over in rage at every little thing the boy does because he looks at a copy of himself at that age and sees a monster who wants to overturn society and end up with a man who doesn't understand what makes his son want to follow the career his slightly more understanding and supportive mother encourages. What we don't get is a man who understands that he has anything to do with why Mike isn't interested in following in the footsteps of what he can't help but see as a brute who hates him for no reason.
Tags: john versus michael

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