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Image vs. Reality, Part Four: Deanna

Another character who got shortchanged by Lynn's over-emphasis on trivia like zits, pets and vacuuming is Deanna. She shares a commonality with Elizabeth in that we never really got to see what her day job is like. If we could have seen a few strips with her behind the counter at the pharmacy instead of yet another super-important sequence wherein April snubs Becky or Elly screams at Edgar and/or Dixie for having the temerity to behave like dogs, we could have gauged how much stress she was under juggling career and homelife. If we were to have seen how much that took out of her, we could understand why she's always so gobsmacked. We could also have seen her with a Designated Friend to talk to once in a while. Every other Patterson has his or her own assigned confidant to shoot the breeze with. Thanks to Lynn's sloppy timing, we don't see Dee with hers. Or, for that matter, mending fences with her mother. We're so busy lambasting the Pattersons for treating Mira like dirt that we've forgotten that she more or less threatened to disown Dee IF she didn't have the fancy wedding she didn't want. The only reason she cooled her heels is that Lovey took her aside and told her to cut the crap because, speaking from her own experience with children who aren't talking to her because she pulled the same stunts Mrs. Sobinski did, alienating your daughter just to prove a point was a bad idea. Since Mira, unlike Elly, is a mostly-rational human being whose primary hang up is trying to convince people who don't care one way or another that she's a somebody, she can reason her way through her past and realize that her children could have maybe done with a little less mother love and how Keeping Up Appearances didn't work any more for her that it does for Hyacinth Bucket. She's probably not meddling with Mike as much as her impulses tell her to because she doesn't want to compound the mess she made. Besides, she's got to re-establish some sort of relationship with Deanna's older sister; worrying about Deanna and the goofy family she married into has got to take second stage.
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