dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Son of Avocado Head: Elly versus constructive advice.

Elly's inability to understand that soap and water isn't some sort of universal solvent would be bad enough were it not for the sure knowledge that she would not take it well if someone such as her mom or some other random person were to come along and tell her how to actually clean up a food dye spill. We have to remember that we are dealing with a crazy idiot who thinks that the world is a great big conspiracy to make her look foolish to punish her for wanting to be happy when it looks to her as if she was selected personally by whatever entity decides this sort of thing to live a life of misery, despair and neglect.

A useful experiment could thus be proposed to compare what the person giving advice said with what Elly heard and camera footage of said intervention. Granted, Elly's brain IS hard-wired to only ever see what's wrong with her life and recrimination and mockery and lies coming from people who want to help her so the footage could never help her see what she's doing wrong but doing so would finally drive it home to her family that no, Elly can never chill out or be happy with what she has. She isn't built to. She's genetically foredoomed to see helpful advice given in a spirit of generosity as sarcasm and bile and she doesn't even know it.
Tags: elly on her cross

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