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Useful Notes: Canada's Worst Driver.

As I said last week, Lynn seems to have given Elly the driving skills she does not have. The reason that I mention this is that her confession that she damned near managed to get herself, her daughter and granddaughter killed driving distracted like a fool made me wish that in the interest of public safety, Katie would nominate her for an upcoming season of Canada's Worst Driver. This seemed to baffle a lot of you so it seems as if I should explain what I'm talking about.

What happened is that back in 2005, Discovery Channel Canada adapted the reality show Britain's Worst Driver as part of some sort of trend of wanting to educate the masses about safe motoring. The idea is that by displaying eight woefully inept and reckless motorists, the average viewer might better appreciate the risks involved in getting behind the wheel and assimilate the program's mantra: "LOOK WHERE YOU WANT TO GO."

The format of the eight-week exercise in terrible motoring is rather easy to describe. We start off each season by having the everyman host Andrew Younghusband remind the viewers that there are a lot of crazy stupid people tear-arsing around the roads before pointing to the people the production company decided were the very worst of a bad lot. He introduces each nominee as they head off to the Driver's Rehabiliation Centre (usually an abandoned airfield or an army post or something) while explaining what the person's defects are and who nominated them for the unwanted trophy of shame. Upon arrival, they go through an assessment challenge and we introduce the panel of experts who help decide who stays on and who's sufficiently cured of bad habits to graduate from their intervention-slash-driving school. The mainstay of said panel is retired police sergeant and current traffic reporter Cam Wooley as the legal expert and he's seconded by two driving instructors and a psychologist. Over the course of the series, they undergo tests of their skills like the Water Tank Challenge (wherein they try to teach good braking skills by mounting a tank full of water on the car which soaks people who slam on the brakes) and similar tasks. When they get to three nominees, the finalists are taken on a road test in a near-by city and a Worst Driver is named. What always happens is that Younghusband tells this person to simply quit driving only to have him explain that later on, the maniac is still behind the wheel.

The reason that I mention this is that Lynn impresses me as being very likely to not even finish the season and joining two aggressive idiot street racers, a woman with crippling anxiety issues and an old lady with angina in being expelled abruptly. Perhaps she'd be like the dude on Worst Handyman 4 who got kicked out for making an on-camera death threat.
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