dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Father of Avocado Head: the unintended lesson.

The interesting thing about Mike's telling his parents that having a green face means that he's marching to his doom is that the children who he thinks are going to haze him mercilessly are not the actual problem. As Gordon says, the other kids, they don't much care if he's got a green face because it's not their concern and not something they'd comment on if they were not encouraged to do so. The real problem is, sadly, that Mike's real danger is being made into a target by his bitter, angry and burned-out time-server of a teacher and incessant giggling from his horrible father.

You see, without intending to (and probably intending the exact opposite), Lynn has set up a scenario in which the reason why Mike would be Avocado Head is that just as Elly probably warned everyone not to make a big deal about his pink shorts, she's currently pointing at him and yelling to not tease him....which will get him hazed into Tom Batiuk's ball of dirt. This is yet another example of her imploring children to trust parents who sell them out and sell them short.
Tags: everyone versus mike

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