dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Tunnel vision plus fashion equals FOOBar.

As we've seen over the last few weeks, Lynn wants to run around in circles screaming in terror about the horrible clothing styles children wear to prove their blind hatred of the mother they refuse to meekly submit to at all times. Leaving aside Lynn's clear hatred for the idea that people can have opinions she doesn't and overweening need to have people grovel pathetically because they dared to not be exactly like her, what we're looking at is a clear desire to fixate on the scariest trends and assume them to be the norm.

This is, of course, why she fixates on punk imagery. She wants there to be a clear, coherent narrative in a world that doesn't make sense to her. Since she's basically a deplorable person who substitutes moral posturing for an understanding of fair play, the story she tells herself is that the world is a horrible place in which people want to keep her from winning. Children want to make her lose and they don't want to sit down and they all want to wear things that scare her because they hate her. This would be almost tragic were it not for the fact that if she pulled her head out of her ass for five seconds, she'd have something new and horrible to worry about: the fact that it looked as if her mother had become boss of North America and made everyone dress like Alex and Mallory Keaton.
Tags: elly on her cross, lynn fails everything forever.

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