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Judge Parker experiences the Cesco Effect

Now, as a bit of a palate cleanser, I'd like to talk about how Cesco Marciuliano's syndicate has seen fit to award him the writing duties of the long-running soap strip Judge Parker. The reason this is of interest is that the premise is almost as jarring as that of Funky Winkerbean. Instead of whining homely people who, upon failing at a simple task, simply give up and moan about how cruel their lives are and how helpless they are to improve anything, the strip has a collection of rich, pretty people who go from minor crisis to minor crisis and end up better off than when they started. This, Cesco reasoned, made no sense in this or any other world so he's set about seeing what would happen if they endured something harsher than a favoured brand of conditioner being reformulated.

This was accomplished by having the daughter of either main character Sam Driver or title character Alan Parker's many enemies embark on an elaborate revenge scheme involving kidnapping Sam's daughter Sophie. This, and an improbably weird accident involving older daughter Neddy's business venture falling down a sinkhole and Alan's writing partner turning out to be a deep-cover Russian spy messing with him has caused them to fall apart because they're even worse at dealing with an actual crisis than Ted Forth is. They've never lost before and it's making them nuts...just as it would in real life. Anyone can smile when they win so much, they get tired of it. It's when people lose that you find out who they really are...which is what we're about to find out.
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