dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Mike's needs versus Jim's silences.

You might have noticed over the years that Jim and Michael never actually got along all that well. Jim seemed to see the boy as a television-obsessed clod who had no real time for his granddad and Mike seemed to see just another old person wanting to keep him down. The reason that I mention this is that I remember a failed attemopt at bonding in which Mike wanted to learn cool stuff about the war only to be disappointed and feel like Gramps failed him somehow. This points to the following three facts:

1) Mike spent his life counting on his grandfather to provide him cool stories of battle to boast about to his pals.

2) Jim hated talking about the damned war.

3) This means that Mike thinks that his granddad let him down; eventually, he called a sick man crazy because he's stupid.

as to why they never really connected. While April was smart enough to figure out Fact 2, Mike never was.
Tags: mike patterson: universal idiot

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