dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Car names in the Foobisphere.

As I said yesterday, Lynn loves to use fake product names to send messages to her family members about how simply awful things they like that she does not are. This is why Mike eats something called a Goo Bar and why Lizzie yearned to have a Boston Original sweatshirt to fit in and let awful children decide what she should wear and thus turn her back on all the love in Elly's great big heart. This trend towards using mocking names to hammer home how deplorable Lynn finds the practice of eating candy they evilly track in to make her fat and evilly succumbing to peer pressure finds a home in nagging Rod about liking motor vehicles that can't be used to ferry around children and groceries.

The best example of this is her blithe use of the loaded word "Bushwhacker" as a model name for that jeep analogue he used to tool around in. While she might tell people that she's using skiing parlance and implying that John envies those who don't take the beaten path, what she's really doing is using her meaning for it: someone who hauls off and bombs through traffic like an idiot without warning in furtherance of her belief that car companies make impractical and stupid things like it for the same reason fast food restaurants and trendy clothes exist: to bust her ass out of personal malice.
Tags: freefloating commentary

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