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Elly versus relaxing with the family.

As we know, Lynn likes certain recurring themes because they speak to her experiences. A few years ago, she got rather blunt about one of said themes when we contrasted Mike's breezy declaration that no one has to work over the holidays with Elly's having to work harder than ever AND her family's inability-slash-refusal to lighten her burden to the least degree. The premise is that they only ever notice what she does when she isn't doing it and will only ever think to appreciate what she does long after she's died. We are thus invited to clutch her to our collective bosom and cry bitter, angry tears about the unfortunate woman and the hateful, cruel and selfish family who go out of their way to disrespect and mistreat her.

The problem with that is that if given the opportunity to relax, she tends to get kind of antsy. There's an arc next year that looks like it could both be "Elly's evil children want to keep her from making her way in the world" and "Elly is too big a deal to simply spend a quiet evening at home with the kids once in a while". This seems to be due to the fact that Elly has the subconscious dread that if she's caught out simply enjoying life without stressing about how the towels are folded, her idiot mother will materialize out of the aether and start whining about how big a God-damned disappointment she always was. This is why she needs to have an agenda of things to DO when she does anything with the family: she doesn't want to be thought of as some idiot kid just wasting time smelling roses when there's so much stuff to do. It's probably why she allows people to dump their joe-boy jobs in her lap like a steaming hot bowl of pointless busywork.
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