dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Ted and the sports car.

As we know, John doesn't have a lot of friends. He's not friends with Steve, he's not friends with Greg, he's not friends with Keith and he's definitely not friends with Wilf. This is because of a very weird and stupid quirk he shares with his son. Just as Mike balked at having to spend time with his father-in-law because he was convinced that they couldn't possibly get along because they had little in common, John thinks that he can only be friends with another medical professional. The problem with this is that John is a lot like Veronica Lodge in that he despises the only friend he's got.

As we'll see in a few weeks, John seems to yearn to see Ted suffer for making him feel inadequate and only really hangs out with him because neither of them really like Elly all that much. The reason that I mention this is that during his session of mocking John for not blithely ruining his life alley-catting around like a moron, he looks at John's ride and says that it's as tired and lacking in virility as he is. This makes the little kid in John decide that he has to show that jerk Ted that he's still the same macho duuuuude he was when he was in university. He can't cheat on Elly because she'd kill him and he can't talk to women so he buys himself a sports car to feel like a man. The irritating thing he finds is that instead of impressing someone he would love to impress, Elly seems to see it as a threat because it attracts other women and can't be made into a vehicle of joyless domesticity.
Tags: john versus ted

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