dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Ted's biggest mistake ever.

You would tend to think that it's Ted's insistence that since none of his dalliances meant much to him, it stood to reason that they did not and should not mean anything to the woman he happened to be stepping out on at the time is the biggest, dumbest and costliest mistake he's ever made. Ricocheting from one self-induced crisis and failing to want to admit that his being a little boy all his life makes his life worse is as nothing compared to the dumbest thing he's ever done: making friends with that asshole John.

You see, Ted honestly seems to believe that John is a good friend who means good things and does good things for people. This is why he lent his good buddy and his family that cabin all those years ago. The problem is that in doing so, he'd had his life messed up for him by his pal and said pal's idiot wife because of who they insisted on having as a house-sitter. While I stand by my belief that Connie would have been a damned sight better off if Elly hadn't meddled in her life, it should also be made quite clear that having a social circle that consists of solely John has been pretty damaging to Ted. If he'd kept up with the other people who were friends with this dead guy he's trying to honour, he might have realized that he too was a jackass not worth his time. Hmmm. Perhaps the little kid in Ted can't see what a destructive boob John is.
Tags: john versus ted

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