dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Image versus Reality, Part Six: April, Meredith and Robin.

The adult cast members aren't the only victims of Lynn's poor storytelling. April and the two other minor children also suffer from pretty awful plotlines. The reason is simple: Lynn won't do anything like research and find out what really goes on in a modern school to modern children. If she did that, we'd see April obsess about keeping her GPA at an acceptable level instead of maintaining a pointless feud with Becky, canoodling with the Continental, ruining the Housening for everyone or patronizing the differently-abled. Instead of having her last big plotlines be a warped take on a D-grade teen movie with a side order of needless smackdownery, Lynn could have shown a young woman too busy working towards a goal to care too much about pop tarts, garage bands or where she slept, ate and did her homework. Turning Maredith and Robin into gender-reversed verisons of Mike and Liz is also a disservice. He and Deanna could have spent a few strips every so often comparing family dynamics and seeing how what children take from both parents make them individuals. That would be something worth ending up on a fridge.
Tags: picky-face martian princess creature, the antichrist twins

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